Let's Talk Art Deco

Art Deco, first originated in the 1920’s, represents modernism turned into design. It’s intention was to create a sleek and anti-traditional elegance that symbolizes wealth and sophistication. Because of its upper-class association, this style of interior design was considered highly desirable during the late 1920’s and into the 1930’s. Rich colors, excessive ornamentation, and strong geometric design influences are the defining characteristics of this style. Today, Art Deco has withstood the test of time and remains just as luxurious and on-trend as ever.

Ceiling Tiles. Trending during the roaring twenties, glitzy ceiling tiles were deemed popular among America’s elite. Often in metallic tones of gold and silver, these ceiling tiles are a hallmark and defining theme of an Art Deco inspired space. We love how our design team paired these golden ceiling tiles with this modern chandelier to unlock the decorative potential of this space. Compared to the basic white ceilings, these eye catching tiles hold the key to making the rest of the decor pop.

Gatsby Inspired Bar. This bold and dramatic bar area is the pinnacle of of art deco design. Its rich color palette, luxe materials, and geometric patterns remind us of all the glitz and glamour of the jazz age. One of the defining design elements of this bar is the art deco inspired tile backsplash. Our design team used this stunning ebony and brass decorative tile by Walker Zanger to add an extra element of interest and detail. We are in love with all the masculine yet luxurious features of this space.

 Let's Talk Art Deco
 Let's Talk Art Deco
Carlyle by Walker Zanger Photo Courtesy of Walker Zanger

Geometric Patterns. Bold patterns are one of the defining design trends of art deco interiors. We love the playful yet luxe feeling these patterns add to each space and the extra interest they create. Our design team loves to incorporate playful patterns through throw pillows, wallcoverings, and statement furniture like this eye-catching bedside dresser (let’s cite where the dresser came from here). Paired with pops of jewel-toned blues and gold details, this graphic art deco inspired dresser completes the look of this stunning guest bedroom.

 Let's Talk Art Deco

Luxe Design. For a different take on art deco design, our team strayed from bold colors and opted for a more neutral palette. With high-end materials, geometric patterns, and a tone on tone color arrangement with pops of gold, our designers beautifully maintained the desired art deco style while incorporating this soothing color scheme.

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 Let's Talk Art Deco
 Let's Talk Art Deco

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