Creating Entertainment Spaces in Your Home

August 6, 2019

Now for the most exciting room in a home…the entertainment space! An entertainment room design can be fun and feel like a rewarding way to celebrate make your guests excited to spend time there. Whether it be a theater room, bar, or game center, be creative!

A home theater is one of the most popular entertaining rooms in a house. It provides a more private area for people to relax and enjoy themselves. Mood lighting and comfortable furniture are important considerations in designing a cozy and inviting atmosphere for relaxing and watching movies. When it comes to your audiovisual system, we recommend bringing in a professional that can customize your space with the best resources for a screen, sound system, and lighting to achieve your goals for this space.

Proper lighting design is crucial to setting the ambiance of a theater room. Consult with a lighting expert to optimize the functionality and feel of the room. Also be sure to use comfortable and functional furniture in your theater room like reclining chairs or a cozy sectional that everyone can relax on. In addition, adding throw blanket to curl up in will take your movie experience to a whole other level.

Designing your entertaining space around a pool table or some kind of game center, bar or entertainment system creates a great focal point for socializing as guests gather around. Connecting indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces can make these areas of the home feel larger and provide greater utility, as guests flow back and forth between these spaces. To accomplish this, add some sliding glass doors to open up your room and make the outdoor area easily accessible from your entertainment area. It’s also a great way to add natural lighting and obtain that open and airy feel.