Our Favorite Mid-Tone Paint Colors

July 6, 2021

For years, we’ve been seeing lots of high-contrast tones trending within the interior design community. We all know and love the light + airy kitchen with white painted cabinets and the dark + moody look which has been trending for some time. But what about the in-between? We love how mid-tone colors that are soft on the eyes yet breathtaking.

Sherwin Williams - Gray Area

We are enamoured with the look of this low contrast kitchen from one of our Montana projects. This warmer gray mid-tone cabinet color pairs beautifully with the darker wood tones throughout the home and brings a richness to the space. This natural color scheme is both grounding and invigorating.

Joanna Gaines - Magnolia Green

The color green invigorates the mind, reduces stress, and improves productivity. If you’re wanting something other than a neutral shade, there is no better color choice than a green for a home office. In terms of which shade of green to pick, stick with a soft and subtle hue in order to keep the space sophisticated and calming.

These colors bring a calmness to a space which is why they are perfect for creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere within your home.

Benjamin Moore - Iron Mountain

Grays are an excellent choice when experimenting with mid-tone colors. These colors are easy to work with and come in a wide variety of different tints, tones, and shades. We are delighted by the versatility and beauty of this rich cabinet color. This cooler tone works well in kitchens, bedrooms, and office spaces.

Benjamin Moore - Iced Marble

Aren’t these blue bathroom cabinets to die for? This subtle blue hue is a mid-tone that is beautiful in bedrooms and bathrooms due to its calming and refreshing properties. This color is delicate so it is best paired with a light, neutral, and clean color palette. Afterall, nothing beautiful asks for attention.

Benjamin Moore - Edgecomb Gray

A new take on white kitchen cabinets. This paint color deepens and warms up a traditional white kitchen without compromising its timeless beauty. Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore is a warming, soothing, and creamy color that lends itself to a casual elegance in any space.