Designing Kids Spaces

August 8, 2019

First and foremost, add character to your kid’s room to spark imagination! This is the joy of the house and a space you can have fun with. To find that middle ground between functionality and style, we’ve come up with a few design tips when creating your kid’s space.

Wallpaper can make a room come to life and inspire a child’s imagination! This is a simple way to add texture and vibrancy to a room through bold colors and patterns. Choose a fun pattern that will last through all stages of life and then build around that!

Include soft seating like cozy chairs, ottomans, or poufs in a kid’s room to create a warm and comfortable environment. We love a good soft rug as well for the kids to snuggle up on for storytime or a fun hideout like a fort or tent to spark that creativity and sense of adventure! Creating a lounge space gives kids a place to call their own as they play or watch movies.

Have fun accessorizing your kid’s room with their toys and books! This will bring a sense of accessibility and character to the room that your children will love! The globe featured above brings a wanderlust feeling to the room that will get your kids excited about learning. By adding these textured shapes to the wall as well, you can bring out another layer to the room that will tie everything together.

Create some storage spaces to hide the extra mess that can clutter an area. You can do this by adding in some baskets or drawers in the bunk bed stairs. It may be fun to let your kids help pick out the art for their room as well! This will make the space feel like their own and it’s a good way to allow them to express themselves.