First, come up with a functional space plan with well designed cabinetry and good lighting. Putting function first in a kitchen is a necessity as you want to provide space to be able to move around with ease. Before you start designing the room, walk through it to see what kind of layout would work best for you. Apply the kitchen triangle theory to maximize the flow and diminish traffic within the space. Make sure your stove top, sink, and refrigerator are easily accessible with ample counter space next to them for easy use. There’s no such thing as too much counter space, but be sure to choose a surface that’s easy to work on and care for. Also be sure to provide enough storage space in your cabinets for daily use and maybe even throw in some open shelves to keep the kitchen feeling light and airy! Under cabinet lights that light directly over the counter and under base cabinet lights to light the floor are the best features in making sure your kitchen is well lit for the whole party.

Second, pick a color palette from the beginning and stick with it. If you have too many colors in your kitchen it can become overwhelming. Once you choose a color scheme though, you can build off of it with appliances and accessories.

Don’t clutter with appliances like toasters and blenders, but instead accessorize with beautiful, functional items to keep your kitchen feeling open and stylish. Pretty jars, pitchers, pots, or cutting boards can be the perfect way to add character to your kitchen without bogging down the overall feel of it. Open shelving is a great way to simplify and eliminate clutter creating an elegant design with your kitchen items. You can even throw in a few custom paintings to liven up the space and tie in your colors. The design of your kitchen should spark joy!