Designing Modern Mountain Bunk Rooms

August 16, 2019

Bunk beds are a great way to create extra sleeping space in a room for kids or visiting family/friends, but it can be challenging trying to squeeze in those extra beds without overwhelming the space. Below we will share some tips and tricks in making your bunk rooms not only beautiful, but also well balanced with that modern mountain design.

First and foremost, make style and safety a priority in your bunk room. The modern mountain design combines natural elements like wood framing with clean lines to create that classic look. Below you can see an example of this raw wood framing that brings that mountain element into the room. You can keep your bunk beds feeling safer by adding railings and positioning them in a L-shape. This allows you to have the top bunks at a lower height of about 42 inches high, instead of 60-72 inches because the lower bunks feet are underneath the upper bunks. You can also create built-in bunk beds to fill a corner and save space in the room for other items such as a desk, play area, or dresser.

When designing your bunk room it’s important to coordinate colors for all the bedding to keep the room looking fresh and clean. This will bring a cohesive flow to the room and leave it looking more uniform. We all know it can be tough keeping those kid areas looking put together, so we also recommend just using a fitted sheet, duvet, and pillows to simplify the bed making process for those youngsters. In addition, incorporate some curtains in the design to create a cozy, personal space for each child.

Connecting the bunk beds using the same set of stairs is another great way to save space in a room. You can even add storage space in the stairs by installing pull out drawers at each step or beneath the bottom bunks. To create that modern feel in the room, add lights in each individual bunk to provide that final touch of functionality and design.