Our Summer Mood Board

March 29, 2024

Dreaming of summer!

This summer we are excited to pair earthy organic pieces with colorful bold accessories in our spaces. This focuses on natural materials and neutral textures to maintain a light and airy space while incorporating color to inject personality. 



Wall Covering- Takara - Voyage initiatique in Hanji | Élitis

Pillow- Poncho Pillow in Beige | Sien + Co

Portable Lamp- Ambra II | Green Wolfe Lighting

Book- Riva Aquarama | Assouline

Catchall- Rarity Catchall | Kelly Wearstler

Scent Diffuser- Difusor de Ambiente Coco Coco | Coqui Coqui

Blanket- H Riviera Blanket | Hermès

Box- St. Germain Leather Box | Jonathan Adler

Glasses- Perle Tumbler Glass | Zafferano

Book Tower- Ultimate Tower | Assouline

This gorgeous wall covering from Élitis is earthy and neutral while adding interest to the space. We love how the soft hues and organic texture of this natural grasscloth are juxtaposed with abstract shapes in a metallic sheen, bringing a touch of whimsy to this chic dining vignette. 

Coffee table styling is an opportunity to think outside the box with bold selections and unique groupings. Accessories are one of our favorite ways to introduce color and liven up a space. We intentionally embraced asymmetry here to set off the space and make it feel effortless and lived in. We added this funky leather St. Germain box from Jonathan Adler to introduce a vibrant azure hue to this cool coffee table.

Portable lights are one of our latest obsessions as more and more beautiful options come around. We adore how they combine form and function and serve an unexpected purpose that also enhances the home. This delightful little handmade Murano glass lamp from Green Wolfe Lighting adds a soft glow to any space.

Summer is the season of outdoor entertaining and dishware is an often underrated opportunity when it comes to adding personality and a stylish flair that strikes the right ambiance for those endless sunny days and warm evenings. We're excited to embrace more color and blissfulness in our table settings this season and these adorable Perle Tumbler Glasses from Zafferano add just the perfect touch. 

Summer's just around the corner!

Alder and Tweed

Photo Credit: Slim Aarons, Élitis, Sien + Co, Green Wolfe Lighting, Assouline, Kelly Wearstler, Coqui Coqui, Hermès, Jonathan Adler, Zafferano