Farmhouse Design Style Guide

July 11th, 2019

Are you wanting to create a warm and inviting environment that blends both vintage and modern styles? Modern Farmhouse design is an up and coming trend that combines the old with the new creating a clean and unique look. Here are some tips in putting a fresh spin on rustic elements.

A neutral color palette is the first step in creating that Modern Farmhouse look and it’s always important to keep in mind the 60-30-10 rule. White can often be considered the dominant shade with accompanying earthy tones like grays, tans, and browns. Your accent shade should be the boldest of them all.

Our next tip is to mix and match furniture using industrial accents. For example, natural materials such as wood can be paired with iron inspired fixtures. This will create a well balanced room with clean lines. In Farmhouse design, the best accents are the ones that also play a functional role, so look for pieces that serve purpose!

Our final tip is don’t over clutter! The beauty of that Modern Farmhouse look is its simplicity. Layer items like throw pillows and blankets creating varying textures. Use clean accents and add in some tribal patterns or a palm leaf in an oversized glass vase to exude a natural and warm vibe.