Fashion and Design Converge

June 28, 2024

Some of our favorite runway moments and how they translate to design.

Sculptural Shapes

Sculptural shapes in design and fashion bring the drama needed to create truly stunning show stopping moments. Playing with volume and structure can bring dimension to any design. This dimensional hand-embroidered lace dress from the Schiaparelli runway is truly an avant garde moment and a stand out at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. In fashion and design the use of sculptural elements layer in texture and dynamic shapes to create a powerful visual statement. Incorporating these forms can also bring a fresh take to an already existing idea, giving it new life with artistic and dramatic flair. 

Classic Chic

Classic chic style embodies timeless elegance, with beloved silhouettes and fabrics that are effortlessly sophisticated. Hermes embraced their equestrian roots at Vogue World in Paris, making a unique runway entrance that showcased the beautiful equestrian style that has become the hallmark of their brand. This lovely ensemble from Valentino and soft and refined living room illustrate traditional styles and our admiration for classic design principles to be enjoyed and admired for years to come.

Monochromatic Moment

This monochromatic red leather Gucci suit and office, patterned in rich camel, showcase how a single color can still be bold and spark intrigue. Monochromatic moments, like these striking pairings, are all the rage in both interiors and fashion, creating a cohesive and impactful look. The uniformity of a single color palette brings a sophisticated and modern edge to any design.

Artisan Detailing

When it comes to fashion and interiors, good design is in the details. Intricate and purposeful elements with bespoke qualities weave together to create true works of art that are both elegant and memorable. Handmade objects and pieces infuse beautiful craftsmanship to create curated and intentional design. From delicate beading and embroidery work by Ellie Saab to hand blown glass fixtures by Lindsey Adelman and ornate relief details, custom handiwork brings an intimacy and beauty to a design that is impactful, moving and memorable.

Pattern Play

Pattern in all its forms took center stage at many of this year’s haute couture runway shows. Bold patterns in both design and fashion, as exemplified by this lovely Chanel geometric printed suit set, always add a touch of personality and sophistication. Similarly, the intentional mix of eclectic patterns and prints add so much interest and dimension to this media room. Thoughtful pattern selection that reflects personal style has the ability to infuse an ordinary space or outfit with depth and character, transforming it by adding a unique and refined dimension to the overall look.

Fashion and interiors inspire each other to add beauty and elegance to our lives.

Photo credits: Vogue, Architectural Digest, & Kelly Wearstler

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