Fresh Interior Concepts for 2024

February 2, 2024

The Shift in Interiors We're Excited About This Year

Mixed Metals & Metal Inlays

In 2024, one of the most impactful aesthetic details will be the increased influence of metal accents and inlays in interiors. This extends beyond traditional applications, with metal inlays becoming increasingly popular in furniture, wall coverings and area rugs. As cooler metal tones return to interior spaces, we are excited to explore the versatility of mixing them with warmer metallic tones for a sophisticated look that adds depth to any room.

Tailored Pieces and Classic Design

This year will bring a notable resurgence of classic design and tailored pieces, as we steer away from the organic shapes that have dominated interiors in recent years. Home furnishings are taking on a cleaner aesthetic, emphasizing classic lines and carefully crafted shapes to create elegant living spaces. As classic styles make a comeback, homeowners are embracing the simplicity and refined beauty that come with tailored furnishings, creating beautiful interiors.

Color and Personality

Infusing the home with color and personality has become increasingly impactful as we spend more time at home and desire rooms that tell a story. Interiors are a form of self expression and this year we will see more influence on intenitonally selected furnishings, artwork, accessories, prints and richer color palettes. People will gravitate towards pieces that reflect individual style to create spaces that are personal to their inhabitants for added warmth and interest.

Wall Coverings in Unexpected Places

Wall Coverings are emerging as a playful avenue for injecting bold elements into spaces in 2024. We are embracing this creative challenge by extending wall coverings to unexpected or typically mundane areas of the home, adding intrigue to every nook. Ceilings, closet interiors, bathrooms and often-overlooked corners are now becoming blank canvases for wall coverings, transforming these areas into eye-catching spaces.

Detail in Surface Materials and Unique Countertop Edges

Bold and patterned slabs are all the rage this year and some of our favorites are honey onyx (pictured on the left) and calacatta borghini (pictured on the right). We're swooning over colored slabs that inject drama and flair into our living spaces. The return of experimenting with various edge details and finishes, adds an extra layer of interest to countertops and backsplashes, resulting in spaces that are both refined and visually dynamic.

Looking forward to bolder interiors this year!

Alder and Tweed