Functional Design

What value is a home you can’t live in? As interior designers, we believe that beauty should never compromise function and that the two should work together to create a stunning yet livable space. Here are some of our favorite ways to beautifully incorporate functional design into our client’s homes.

Consider Daily Routines & Actions. When designing a space, it is important to thoroughly think through the function, purpose, and meaning of the room. It is much easier to design a space to accommodate daily routines than attempt to “make it work” later on. Family dynamics, lifestyle, and even cooking habits will alter the functionality of a space. For example, a family of five will need a much larger kitchen than a single adult. Larger kitchen appliances and increased storage space will also improve the functionality of a space for a large family, or those who enjoy regularly entertaining guests.

 Functional Design
 Functional Design
 Functional Design

Open Floor Plans. The epitome of functional design, open floor plans allow for a large, multi-use area that is not confined by architectural barriers, making it versatile and dynamic. Individual rooms, separated by walls, not only prohibit the use of a space but will also give the illusion that the space is smaller than reality. Open floor plans feel larger and can cater to larger groups of guests that separated rooms will not allow for. 

Multi-Use Furniture. As interior designers we understand that furniture goes far beyond aesthetic. Pieces that both look beautiful and serve a purpose make a home highly livable and comfortable while upholding its sense of style. Perfect for entertaining guests, bar carts can be easily styled and are the perfect finishing touch to any gathering space. We love this Brentwood Bar Cart from Alder & Tweed furniture. Its lovely lines and beautiful finishes make this piece indispensable. Other functional pieces we love include coffee and console tables with plenty of storage.

 Functional Design
 Functional Design

Custom Paneling and Cabinetry. One of our favorite design elements, custom paneling is the perfect solution to hide kitchen appliances without compromising their functionality. Custom paneling and cabinetry can hide the look of refrigerators, dishwashers, and pantry doors with one beautiful and flush surface. Another custom cabinetry option is to create a special cupboard for counter appliances. This allows one to utilize every inch of counter space while keeping the kitchen uncluttered.

 Functional Design
 Functional Design

Laundry Room Solutions. Laundry and mud rooms are crucial to designing a functional home. Having a space to easily drop bags, coats, and dirty shoes will keep clutter out of other parts of the home. A well laid out and organized laundry room will keep clothing and linens clean and tidy. We love adding a lovely laundry room sink to hand wash delicates, wash pets, and rinse off dirty items. Other elements that contribute to a functional laundry room include hooks and coat lockers.

We love creating beautiful spaces that satisfy not only wants, but needs. At Alder & Tweed we don’t design houses, we design homes.

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 Functional Design

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