Creating Timeless Design

Trends come and go, but there are certain design elements that simply never go out of style. If you want to create a classic look or if you want your home to stand the test of time, consider integrating both modern and traditional elements into your design with the right balance to create something that will never age. Here are some of our interior design tips for creating timeless interiors. 

Use Classic Patterns

Fabrics greatly influence the overall feeling of a room. Incorporating classic patterns into a room is a great way to achieve a timeless feel rather effortlessly.  As a general rule, any pattern can be timeless when used correctly, but it may be best to stay away from trendier motifs like chevrons and bold animal prints if timelessness is your goal. That’s not to say that these patterns cannot look beautiful when thoughtfully administered, but there is no guarantee that they will stand the test of time. Some classic patterns that will forever look current are tartan plaids, greek key patterns, houndstooth, and more!

 Creating Timeless Design

Create a Focal Point

A strong focal point is important to any space, especially when creating timeless design. Focal points are essential because they give the eye a place to rest and are pleasing to the subconscious, as they create a sense of order and organization. Many focal points occur naturally, like a beautiful fireplace mantle or scaling windows, but they can also be created in a room through art or furniture placement. Here, our design team emphasized the beautiful fireplace and art focal point by arranging the furniture around it.

 Creating Timeless Design

Use timeless colors you love

Color never goes out of style.  Rather, the way in which you incorporate color in your home can make something feel either trendy or classic. When designing a space that you want to feel timeless, make sure you choose a color palette that you know you love and won’t tire of in a few years. To make this choice a less daunting task, we often opt for softer, more neutral colors when we know that our client wants this space to stand the test of time.

 Creating Timeless Design
 Creating Timeless Design

Quality > Quantity

Without a doubt, the best thing you can do when designing a timeless space is to choose quality furniture, fabrics, and accessories. While they may be more of an investment, these items will not only last longer but look better for a longer period of time. On the contrary, inexpensive furniture is more likely to show ware quicker and can make your room feel tired and dated. Curating high quality pieces will give your home a collected sense of character and purpose.

 Creating Timeless Design

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