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Throw Pillows 101

Craving change? For an instant makeover, add a throw pillow (or three). Don’t want it to get too busy? Stick to a simple color scheme and just add various textures. You can easily add that latest color trend you want to add to your home but not in a way that is permanent. Vary up the sizes as well for interest – placing the largest in the back and growing smaller towards the front so they all can be seen and enjoyed.

In modern design you still have room to play with color and texture, while still keeping it minimal and contemporary. By only using 4-5 pillows total on your bed, you’ll be able to add interest while keeping within your style.

Keeping it simple and relaxing.

Monochromatic can be stunning.

Remember these tips to keep it easy 1) You can use odd numbers or even, it just depends on how minimal you’d like to be or how much you’d like to add to achieve your look. Don’t be afraid to play and see what looks right! 2) Change up textures to keep it interesting. Add a large print and a small print or plain with texture. Just keep it varied and you will be happy with the outcome. 3) Think about the filling. For a more luxe feel and the ability to do the “karate chop” pillow look keep it to down or faux down. For more structure and support go for the regular fill.