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Shelby Laser Shelby Laser

Growing up as the youngest of three in a lake town in Northern Michigan, Shelby has always had an appreciation for nature, a dedication to achieving that to which she sets her sights, and a passion for design. Cultivating this passion at a young age led her to work in the industry as soon as she entered high school, after which she attended Kent State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design in May of 2019. She has also studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and completed an internship in Chicago with a top hospitality firm.

One of Shelby’s favorite aspects about design is that every space can mean something completely new for each person. She loves to incorporate natural elements in any way she can, and pulls inspiration from both local landscapes and travel experiences. This love for creative spaces and new places brought her to Utah, and she has been enjoying living and working in the mountains ever since.