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Alder and Tweed

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Luxury Bathroom Design

Who wouldn’t love to relax in the perfect bathroom after a long day? Here are some tips and tricks to help you pull together the perfect bathroom design – using our luxury bathroom we designed for a stunning penthouse in Deer Valley, Utah at the Montage.

The key to a luxury feel in a bathroom is to keep your color palette simple. Adding interest with pops of color and texture but keeping the overall feel very clean will give you the peaceful feeling you long for in your own space.

Adding fresh flowers weekly will be a simple way to add that luxury spa look.

If you have space, add some seating. Using fabrics that can take some H2O and don’t forget to add art if you can!

Even if your space is much smaller than this luxury bathroom, by following our tips you can achieve a luxe bathroom and enjoy your space all the more. To recap: Add fresh flowers weekly, try to keep the color scheme simple with pops of color is desired, add seating if possible and find that perfect piece of art to customize your bathroom and show off your personal style.