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How to Pick a Paint Color Guide

Wondering how to go about picking a paint color for your home? We have some helpful guidance for you!

Benjamin Moore has a great selection and has gathered the best of the best for the 2019 trends! We suggest you go ahead and gather samples, strips and/or sample size paints. This can be overwhelming in itself, so we’re here to give you the inside scoop. First and foremost, the darkest color on the strip is the truest color and your best friend. Often, colors on different paint strips can look the same, but don’t be fooled…each strip has a different base. The darkest color on the strip, however, has the most color saturation and will show the true base color. Next, always paint your walls white before sampling and never hold more than one paint sample up at a time. This will ensure that your eyes won’t pick up the undertones and hues of your previous paint color, and affect your decision. As soon as you find the color you want, go one shade darker because the more saturation in the paint, the better!

The lighting in your home can affect the color of paint on your walls greatly. Sunlight will show the purest color, but depending on how the sun hits the room throughout the day can skew the color. Artificial lighting can change a paint colors tones and hues as well. For example, incandescent light throws a yellow light that will intensify warm colors and dull cool ones. Overall, just be sure you look at the paint samples painted on your wall at different times of day, using different artificial light before making a decision.

Our last tip is to ask yourself the following questions: Do you want the wall color to be the accent or main focus of the room? Is there a color you are more naturally drawn to each day? What are the predominant colors in your wardrobe, furniture, and art pieces? These questions will help you to sift through and hone in on the paint colors that will best fit you and your home!