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How to Design the Perfect Kid’s Bedroom and Playroom

We all want our kid’s to have the best memories created in our very own homes. Here are some tips and tricks to pulling together the perfect kid’s bedroom/playroom!

Don’t be afraid to combine lots of fun pattern! Tied together with the same color schemes you are safe to play with adding multiple patterns to make the space kid friendly and whimsical.

Perfect example of adding the patterns pulled together in their similar color schemes.

This built-in seating filled with comfy pattern pillows and storage below helps keep the room tidy.

Pulling together the perfect kid’s space is a piece of cake if you follow these simple guidelines. Pick your color scheme and have fun mixing tons of beautiful fun prints in your fabrics. Remember it’s a playroom as well and have fun playing with out of the box design ideas! Your children and your own inner child will thank you!