2021 Home Organization

2021 is finally here! Oh, how we are ready to put this year behind us and start clean once again. What's a better way to “start clean” than to reorganize, tidy, and declutter your home? Because it symbolizes a fresh spirit and new beginnings, tidying up at the first of each year is one of the most important things you can do. This will set the tone for how you care for your home for the rest of the year and will ring in the new year on a positive accomplishment. Here are some tips and tricks we have picked up through our years in interior design that will help keep your home clean and orderly all year long with minimal effort.

 2021 Home Organization

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heavily trafficked heart of the home. With so much activity happening here, it is crucial that this area is tidy and organized to make cleaning as easy as possible. Though surprising to some, open shelves can be a great way to keep your kitchen tidy. Incorporating open shelves in your kitchen prevents you from throwing that old tupperware container in the back of a random cupboard, where it is never to be found again. (We’ve all done it) By keeping everything out in plain sight, open shelves are a great way to motivate yourself to keep your kitchen attractive and organized, ridding it of what is tired and nonessential and filling the space with only your best kitchenware. We love using open shelves to display simple yet beautiful glasses and dishes.

 2021 Home Organization
 2021 Home Organization
 2021 Home Organization

The Pantry

The pantry tends to be one of the messiest and most cluttered spaces in the home. But the pantry actually has so much potential to be another beautiful space that you enjoy using! Gone are the days of shutting the pantry door shut when you have guests over, or rummaging through all of the cluttered shelves to find what you are looking for. Plastic containers are one of our key components to keeping an organized pantry. Cardboard food boxes clutter the space, so using clear containers is an excellent way to store pasta, grains, rice, etc. Plus, they look amazing! We love using the OXO pop containers to store anything and keep things clean and tidy. We prefer to keep things simple and consistent by using the same style of container throughout the whole space.

 2021 Home Organization
PC: Crate & Barrel
 2021 Home Organization
 2021 Home Organization


For bathrooms, we like to follow one simple rule: Keep it off of the counter. Make up, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes... it all needs a place to call home. Preserve the aesthetic of your bathrooms by making sure every item has a designated spot  in a drawer or cupboard. If your bathroom drawers don’t have built in dividers, we love using these clear, acrylic bins to keep things perfectly organized and beautiful.


Something that we really love to do for our clients is to build them their dream closet. Custom closets are well worth the money because they maximize your storage space and look beautiful. When planning these spaces, we incorporate a mixture of hanging, long hanging, shelves, and drawers to accommodate our clients’ entire wardrobe and maximize their storage. Just because your closet is rarely seen by visitors does not mean that it should be forgotten. After all, your home is a living space, not a storage space.

 2021 Home Organization
 2021 Home Organization

Laundry/Mud Rooms

Mud rooms are the essential “drop zone” that every busy family must have. Bags, coats, shoes, and keys easily clutter this space. To keep this area well organized, we like to design these spaces to maximize storage and hide the everyday clutter. Individual cubbies, or lockers, are a great way to accommodate a busy family. This way, each person has their own place to drop their items when entering the home.

 2021 Home Organization
 2021 Home Organization

For more inspiration, check out our Housewares Install on YouTube. Happy New Years and happy organizing!

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