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Bathroom Design Tips

Bathroom design is essential to every home. The layout’s functionality is key in a bathroom along with its unique design. You can bring these rooms to life using various color schemes through wallpaper, tiles, lighting, and fixtures. Don’t be afraid to be bold in these small spaces and make a statement! Below are some useful tips when beginning the design of your bathroom.

Decide on the layout of your bathroom. With various forms of plumbing and water lines you have to find what will work best for your space. The two-wall layout is common having the sink and toilet on one wall with the tub/shower on the other. A three-wall layout can be more complicated and expensive, but allows for much more diversity in your bathroom!

Lighting is essential in a bathroom as it’s where you get ready for your day! Make sure you have multiple lights around each mirror…two being about eye level on either side and the third placed right above the mirror. This arrangement will illuminate your face from all sides, dismissing all shadows. We recommend using dim lighting options to be able to create that spa like feel for relaxation and that well illuminated look when needed. We also suggest using LED lighting in your bathrooms because not only are they energy savers and convenient because you don’t have to change them often, but they also provide a more cohesive and modern look in the space. Cantilevered cabinets can also create a more modern feel making a bathroom look more sleek.

Make a statement with the tub! This is often seen as the focal point of a bathroom and can set the style for the rest of your decor. Freestanding tubs are our favorite featuring either a pedestal base or claw-and-bawl feet. A platform bathtub can be great for decor as it leaves space around the tub to accessorize. You can even opt for a whirlpool tub to maximize your relaxation! Luxury showers also add to a bathroom by featuring beautiful tiles and frameless glass doors sometimes including a window for ventilation as seen below.

Visit a showroom when deciding on fixtures to properly see all the options that will best suit your bathroom. These rooms are well versed in the latest technologies and will have any amenities you may desire. Also consider the practical like whether you like faucets with a single hand control or separate knobs for hot and cold, body spray or rain shower heads, taller or standardized toilets. These are all things to research and consider before selecting your bathroom fixtures.

When designing your bathrooms be sure to use wallpaper in powder rooms and tiles in your full bathrooms. Patterned or textured tiles are best when designing bathrooms with showers or tubs because they won’t experience water damage from the heat and steam like wallpaper would. Powder rooms, however, are the perfect place to be bold and use those wallpaper designs that will last and add that unique flare to the room.