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10 Tips To Designing A Farmhouse Entryway

Farmhouse entryways create a warm welcome for guests as soon as they walk in the door. From the various wood tones to the unique art and antique accent pieces, you can’t go wrong with this classic design. Below are 10 tips to obtaining that farmhouse feel in your home.

1. Create an entryway that feels homey the moment you arrive by placing benches or seating for guests to sit as they chat or take off their shoes. This provides a welcoming environment that says “stay a little while!”

2. Add pillows to the bench to add texture to your entryway. Fabrics such as mudcloth will tie in those other rustic accessories accentuating that farmhouse look. Stitched by Grace on Etsy offers some great options in choosing beautiful pillows for your entryway. 

3. The best farmhouse entryway decor ideas combine the old with the new, resulting in a surprisingly eclectic sophistication. Vintage prints, unique lighting fixtures such as the hanging pendant lamp featured below, or antique shutters and convenient shelving allows for the perfect mix of functional design. 

4. Hooks can be a great way to bring in that vintage look, while bringing in that functionality as well. Many farmhouse designs will feature wall hooks as they serve a great purpose and save space in an entryway. So forget the coat racks, and try this more simplistic, yet elegant approach. 

5. Materials such as wicker, rattan, tin, and metal are perfect for accessorizing in this style. They add that antique and shabby sheek feel as they bring natural elements into the room.

6. Vintage luggage bins and woven suitcases are a great source of storage bringing in that unique antique look, while still remaining useful. 

7. Neutrals like white, off-white, light grey, beige, tan, and pastels are the way to go when trying to capture that farmhouse look. The whitewashed shiplap walls or ceilings are often seen as a staple in this type of design. 

8. Add fresh flowers or plants to bring balance and life to your home. This fresh look will bring everything back to those organic country roots, accenting those farmhouse designs perfectly. 

9. Built in benches can be a beautiful way to build the entrance of your home as they provide a uniform and clean look. Being able to add drawers and cabinets allow you to more easily declutter those entryways from shoes, coats, and backpacks. Farmhouse is all about pairing functionality with design! 

10. Finish off your space with a nice woven rug to tie in that farmhouse style. Jute rugs or patterned rugs add another layer to your entryway that will leave your room feeling complete!